Mikers Fingerboards started back in 2005 in a small basement in Denmark by me, Michael Williams which have been Fingerboarding since 1998.

I purchased my very first TechDeck in our local skateshop and since then it has become a big hobby to me not only riding the decks, but also making them myself.

My first mold was inspired bascially from a TechDeck and after finding a place to buy veneers, I started making my first decks which was a lot of fun, riding my very own homemade deck for the first time was amazing and since then i keept making decks and improving my molds and tested out diffrerent hights of kicks and concaves and eventually a few years later, KillerKick, MadMold and MellowMonster.

My decks have been sold all over the world, United Stated, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark and many many more. It is incredible for a normal guy like me that my handmade decks are going to so many amazing places in this world and I thank each and everyone of you for the support, without you guys, Mikers Fingerboards probably wouldn't be around anymore.

Back in 2010, I started doing daily vlogs on YouTube as iZilly and I have now been sharing my life online everyday for almost 5 years and it has been an amazing journey and I have no thought of stopping anytime soon. My most popular videos are about making fingerboards and I know that without all the incredible feedback and interest from you guys, Mikers Fingerboards would not be where it is today.

Thank you for supporting Mikers Fingerboards.

Stay Awesome & Epic!

Michael / iZilly